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Chibi! Echo Zane
So I would do a more realistic art style but, I didn't have inspiration. (;-;) And I might do another Echo Zane, in the future.

Art trade- 2002dragon
I'm fangirling very hard cause someone who admire very much, just favorited my drawing.

I can't believe Maylovesakidah favorited something I did. I think it's because Buni-apple. Cause Buni-apple is the best person to ever have as a friend.
MaylovesAkidah buni-apple

embedded_item1487568747581 by Buni-ninja
Nya (my little droplet)
I swear, if Nya was real, I would be friends with her. She's so flipping cute~, no wonder she has fan-boys and fan-girls!!!!
So buni-apple tagged me and I could remember names so I post who I tag later.

BUNI'S 13 questions :
Drawing for how many years? 5 years
Glasses or contacts? I wear contacts, but I would glasses.
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? HOT COCO FOR LIFE.
Favorite class in school? English, even I suck at writing and the work.
Uniforms for school or no? Yes, because them I don't need to worry about picking clothes for some days.
Is social media pointless? Depends if you just spam "hot" or "cute" selfies or pictures, I dislike you. For long term talks with other you can't see in a different or country, you're good.
How many sketch books do you have? I think 3.
Ever traveled somewhere far from home? Only to hand family for a week.
Day or night? ( sunbutt or moonbum c;) Why not both.
What type of clothing interest you the most ( hipster girly punk etc)? Tom boy, hipster, or goth.
Angels or Devils? Both, I can't choose.
Dogs or cats ( both are freaking adorable )? Dogs, I have bed experiences with cats.
Siblings? A twin and two younger half sisters.
Pale or tan? Pale.


Buni-ninja's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello I am nerd face ( buni was here )

I may do some drawing and writing. I can do requests, however they may be late or I will give a late reply cause I'm normally focus on other things.


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Thanks for the fav HAPPEH 
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No problem! You deserved it !
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No problem<3!!! Your chibi artstyle is so cute! (>w<)
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Thank you for the watch~!~! It really means a lot ~!
Buni-ninja Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
No problem!! Your art is so awesome!!! Why does it not have over a hundred favorites?!
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omg haha are too nice....thanks♥
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